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Facing History and Ourselves

Get Teamed Up

Step 1. Learn How

Education is a basic human right. Learn how you can team up with a sister school in the Darfuri refugee camps in Eastern Chad. Together we can provide a quality education to every child.

Step 2. Sign Up

Sign up to get teamed up with a sister school. We'll send you a welcome package with information and videos to learn about your sister school, how the students live, and the crisis in Darfur. You'll learn how to raise money and raise awareness.

Step 3. Raise Money

There are many ways you can raise money to support your sister school: bake sales, car washes, auctions, concerts and more. Your support will build or repair school buildings, fund teacher training and salaries, as well as buy books, uniforms, sports equipment and other supplies.

Step 4. Make Connections

Connect with your sister school by collecting videos, photographs, and letters. We're soon launching a website on which you can connect with students at your sister school via video blogging.