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Goz Amer

boys in Goz Amer

Goz Amer camp is one of the southernmost Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad and is closest to the Sudan-Chad border. Goz Amer has a population of 27,033 Darfuri refugees and more than 60% are under the age of 18. There are 6,628 students enrolled in the 6 primary schools in Goz Amer.

Throughout 2012, $200,000 of funds raised by the DDT Sister Schools Program were implemented in Goz Amer. These funds supported structural improvements to classrooms and the purchasing of dictionaries, math kits, school bags, textbooks, and more.

Education funds are allocated in each camp based on an annual needs-assessment carried out by UNHCR, implementing partners, and the refugees themselves. We're currently more than halfway towards raising our next goal of $100,000 for Goz Amer, which will be used to provide:

  • 10,000 notebooks
  • 6,000 writing utensils
  • 5,750 textbooks
  • 2,000 slates (individual student chalkboards)
  • 160 tables and desks
  • 20 blackboards for classrooms

*Please note that we cannot accept material donations. Donate now.

We'll keep you posted on Goz Amer's progress via email, but don't forget to check back on this page for the latest photos, videos, student profiles, interim reports, and more. 

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Check out the video below to get a quick glimpse of life in Goz Amer refugee camp!

Camp Goz Amer from iActivism on Vimeo.